international u30 idea competition 2013

Announcement of the Public Screening held at National Museum of Art Osaka in August 31, 2013 (Saturday).

Thank you all for attending the public screening.
It is our honor to be surrounded by full of audience.
Let us show the sequence of the public screening.

  greetings by Mr. Masahiro Mitsui, representative from Osaka City
Department of Environment (Supporter).
greetings by Ms. Sawako Kishida, representative from Daiwa Lease
the Juries.
Presentation by the 2nd prize winner, Mr. Keisuke Morikawa. Presentation by the 2nd prize winner, Mr. Shinnosuke Shimizu.
Presentation by the 1st prize winner, Mr. Takahiro Endo. Presentation by the Special winner, Mr. Yim Tak On.
Mr. Shiro Wakui, Landscape Architect, as a Jury member. Mr. Shunsaku Morita, Daiwa Lease President & CEO, as a Jury member.
Mr. Issay Kitagawa, Art Director, as a Jury member. Mr. Junichi Inada, Landscape Architect, as a Jury member.
Mr. Manabu Akaike, Universal Design President & CEO, as a Jury member. Mr. Kohki Hiranuma, Architect, as a Jury member.
closing remarks by Pres. Morita (Daiwa Lease) lastly, the winners together with the juries.


1st prize
Takahiro Endo (Taisei Corporation) /
Marin Tominaga (Research Institute of Architecture) /
Muneyuki Oyama(Kokusai Kogyo co,.LTD.)
2nd prize

Keisuke Morikawa

Shinosuke Shimizu
(Ritsumeikan University Graduate School)
Special prize


3rd prize
Hajime Suzuki (Kogakuin University Graduate School) /
Shoichi Ushirono (Kogakuin University Graduate School) /
Yoshiyuki Okamoto (Kogakuin University Graduate School)
Takahiro Hayashi
(Meijo University)


" green for the future "

Since the coexistence of nature in the city became in demand, several techniques have been groped. However, the current city is surrounded by the buildings, which make difference to the ideal state. In addition to cost, maintenance, technical problems, environment and the people, it is necessary to think on approaching Green for the future.

In recent years, green wall might be one of the methods in effective environmental redevelopment. The consumption of energy is anticipated for minimizing the amount of heat by covering the walls with green. This can be a new system attached to the construction, or it may give alternative usage in open spaces and the industrial parks. In many years of enduring the constant approach, not only exploring but also it may offer huge opportunities to the small parts, which seldom attracts attention until now. It will lead to new discovery to pursue possibility in every point of the city of the building. We are in need of solution for the problems and new approach in order to improve the city.

Green in the city still has many problems in its efficiency, yet extends on having several visions by facing each problems while considering the other facts. At first, we create city that surrounded by Green, where we can live together with nature, and it comes with the future comfort. For example, a view you see from the train on each day, such usual view may change a lot through this competition.

We request to the young generation who bears the future, to consider the coexistence of nature. Making this opportunity to think on Green for the city may give us a solution for improvement. With the free way of thinking, we urge for ideas to new city image while appreciating the coexistence of nature.

open to college or university Graduate, Apprentice, Architects, Engineers and Designers anywhere in the world. must be under the age of 30 on August 30, 2013. group participation is allowed as long as each member meets the qualifications of the above.

a design proposal for an existing area with the list of informations to comprehend the features. a design that offers potential for the future.
* set the site location within Osaka city (if possible).

two stage competition with the aim of identifing the most appropriate proposal

for registration, send by the web-form link below. registration number will be sent via e-mail.

The application has closed.
* complete the resgistration before the dealine to avoid web congestions.
* registration after dealine will be considered invalid.

submit to:  attach the proposal to the reply of registration e-mail.

proposal must be in one JPG file (4000x2800px, 72dpi, under 2MB)
text must be written in either japanese or english.
file name must be the applicant’s registration number. (ex. 0001.jpg)

* entry would be invalid if any information is indicated other than the applicant’s number.

July 30, 2013 (Tuesday) no later than 23:59 JST

August 10, 2013 (Wednesday) announced on website

proposals of the 6 groups who passed the first stage will be evaluated accordingly.
presentation of each proposal will be held on the second stage.

where : National Museum of Art
4-2-55 Nakanoshima, Kitaku, Osaka

when : August 30, 2013 (Saturday)
for those who passed the first stage, come directly to B1 lecture hall by 12:00. (transportation fee at own expense)
11:30-assembly at reception 12:00-orientation meeting
13:00-start 16:00-end (estimated)

admission fee : free
capacity : 130 people (prior subscription)

12:30-doors open 13:00-start 16:00-end (pending)

The application has closed.

* the registration will close automatically upon reaching 130 attendants.
* seats assigned prior to application. in case of non-participation, please inform via e-mail atleast a week before the event.
Masayuki Wakui (Landscape Architect)
Shunsaku Morita
(Diawa Lease Co., Ltd. President & CEO)
Kohki Hiranuma (Architect)
Issay Kitagawa (Art Director)
Junichi Inada (Landscape Architect)
Manabu Akaike (Universal Design Intelligence., Inc. President & CEO)

1st prize 1 (prize Y1,000,000 honorary certificate, trophe)
2nd prize 2 (prize Y300,000 honorary certificate, trophe)
3rd prize 3 (prize Y100,000 honorary certificate trophe)

the entry is limited to the design proposal that is unpublished inside and outside the country. using same design proposal in two different competitions is considered invalid. there will be no returning on design proposals upon submitting the entry. make copies on your own, beforehand.the copyright of the winning prize belongs to the applicant, however the applicant cannot use the rights on peronal practice. in addition to, a sponsor monopolizes the negotiating rights for the enforcement of the copyright and decisions. It is responsibility of the applicant on infringement of copyright. In such a case, winning prize is void by the judgment of the host.

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